Chris Gibbs

Chris “Drummer Boy” Gibbs has been schooled by the direct descendants of the Hill Country Blues, including the likes of Little Joe Ayers, David Kimbrough Jr., Kinney “Kent” Kimbrough, Artemus Leseur, Robert Kimbrough Sr.,and Cameron Kimbrough . After getting his start with the David Kimbrough Jr. Band in Holly Springs Mississippi, Chris & Willy (who happens to be Chris’ Dad) have embarked on a Blues pilgrimage. The sounds of the North Mississippi Blues is now forever in their blood. With Chris’ vast influences and original drumming styles, the groove from this young drummer are sure to please his listeners…you know…those that have a craving for Deep Soul Rhythm.

Willy and the Planks……They’re gonna wake up your Soul……

Willy Gibbs

Mark Noble